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Amica in the home...

Hey! I'm Amica, an English born Aussie artist who harnesses Japanese principles of simplicity and Ma together with drawing from the wild Australian landscape to create original fine art rich in depth and emotion. 

I use a process that allows the painting to grow organically, much like nature itself.


My compositions activate the senses, allowing immersive visual experiences that transport you outdoors straight into nature’s arms.

Step into the studio...

My artwork mimics a meditative lullaby, allowing you to free your feelings while you lose and find yourself in the beauty of experience.

It’s an intuitive visual language that speaks directly to your soul, recreating natural sensations to weave stories of rolling ocean waves, flowers in bloom and golden light filtering through the trees. It’s nature; in paint.

Explore the art...

Transcend the everyday. Channel the eternal.

as seen in grand designs

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