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Australian artist, Amica Aindow is as an abstract expressionist painter, known for creating earthy, botanical forms that evoke the intricacy and beauty of the natural world. 

Born in Germany, and raised on the Isle of Wight, England, Aindow embarked on a global journey with her family before finding her home in Australia. She holds a Fine Arts and Education degree from Queensland University of Technology and has been recognised as a finalist in esteemed competitions such as the Australian Contemporary Art Awards and Art Lovers Australian Prize.

Aindow's art has graced numerous group and solo exhibitions and received widespread attention, featuring on prestigious platforms like Grand Designs, Channel 9's TV show The Block, Country Living, Art Edit, and Home Design Magazines. Her creations have earned a place in esteemed public and private collections, including The Star Casino and The Crown Towers in Sydney.


While I draw inspiration from the colours and shapes of the natural world, my work takes a purely abstract direction, rooted in zen aesthetics. I rely on intuition, emotion and spontaneity rather than representing the natural world directly. Pouring, dripping and washing diluted inks and pigments onto the canvas, I gently manoeuvre them with brushes and air manipulation, allowing them to blend and evolve, creating earthy patterns and textures.Through an ongoing editing process, I distil the chaos of the artwork, eliminating distractions or unnecessary areas, gradually unveiling a composition that breathes with space, naturalness and simplicity.

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