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Create your Calm and Enlighten your collection

Original abstract fine art for seekers of beauty, truth, inner peace and the artful divine in all.


The Answers You Need

My artistic style is intuitive, collaborative and focused on extracting depth and evoking emotion.


Here’s what to expect...

Our Creativey Journey Together

You finish exploring my site and decide that I’m the artist for you. Woo-hoo! Once you’ve completed my contact form, I’ll read your message with a happy heart and get back to you within 48 hours to chat next steps.

The Connection

Next, I’ll use your input to create a digital mock-up, mood board and quote to capture the details of our creative adventure. So. Much. Fun.

The Creative Spark

Your heart whispers (or yells!), “Yes.” Hurrah! I'll send over your invoice (50% payable in advance) and your commission agreement. 


Once your deposit has been paid and your commission agreement signed, I’ll lock in our creation schedule and count down the days until our adventure begins.

The Confirmation

Brushes are cleaned. Paint palettes are prepared. Tools are shined. Coffee is topped up. Dog is kicked out. And then … your painting begins! I’ll be in the studio, connecting with your artwork and unleashing my creativity to bring to life your Amica original.


[Break out box: How long will it take you to create my artwork? My average turn-around time is four weeks. Don’t worry; it won’t be radio silence while I’m creating! You’ll receive love-drenched progress shots to check that we’re still travelling down the right path together.]

The Creation

Ping! An email arrives in your inbox, glistening with creative goodness. Inside are photographs of your completed artwork. If you cry (the good, happy kind of tears), it’s full-steam ahead to get your painting into your happy hands as soon as possible.


If you aren’t completely thrilled, I’ll make another round of adjustments.

The Reveal

Yeah baby! – we created something truly special together! I’ll process your final payment, carefully give your painting one final coat of varnish to protect it, and then arrange for professional delivery* of your new artwork direct to your home.


Cue 100% happiness!


*Please enquire about delivery options and rates.

The Joy


Thank you so much Amica for the wonderful job you did on my commissioned piece! Your constant communication, videos and pictures showing the process was fantastic and really made me appreciate the art even more.


Jan Murphy.

After years of searching the artwork for our big living room wall, we saw Amica's work and felt instantly safe to make a custom order, but the result exceeded our expectations!The fact that she is also a beautiful person, makes us feel even better that we own a great artwork of this wonderful artist!

Maria Siakantari

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Yay, You've made a great choice. Every artwork I make is one-of-a-kind. No reproductions or prints - you'll own a piec of history just for yourself.

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