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Sweet Ambivalence


Limited Edition Print (Run of 15)


 Original canvas print available rolled.

From the same collection commissioned for Ronnie & Georgia’s hallway and kitchen on the Block 2017.


  • Printed on high quality 100%, with archival pigment inks and finished with 4 coats of art varnish.
  • 1- 2wk turnaround from order.
  • Certificate of authenticity provided
  • Strictly limited edition of 15


Featured on The Block, 2018, in the home of Luke & Tess, this striking piece harnesses Japanese principles of Simplicity & ‘Ma’, creating an intuitive work rich in depth and emotion.

Though all my pieces are purely abstract, upon viewing we intuitively recognise a visual language that mimics the currents of the ocean, natural formations of the earth, a flower in new bloom or the patterns of precious stone.  They activate the senses, allowing for immersive visual experiences that transport you outdoors, straight into nature’s arms.





What is Ma?

Ma (間) is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as “negative space”. In my work, I’m intentional about creating spaces between the forms, areas of quiet, of emptiness, like little pauses between sentences. These spaces give the work a unique rhythm.

  • Unframed, print of the original painting, on 100% cotton stretched canvas.

    *Strictly limited edition of 30 per run.

    100% cotton canvas printed with archival pigment inks and finished with 4 coats of art varnish. Includes 50mm border for stretch framing.

    *Certificate of Authenticity Provided

    Available canvas print sizes.

    • 153 x 122  $1600 (original size)
    • 110 x 90   $850

    "Ambivalence is a wonderful tune to dance to. It has a rhythm all its own." Erica Jong