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La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful)

A painting for Ukraine.
.... for the possibility of hope in the face of unflinching horror

Make Love

this war isn’t war — it’s a chance not to kill anyone
this love isn’t love unto death — it’s as long as it lasts
to protect one another is all this occasion demands
and to look at the world through a steady rifle sight
and to look within ourselves through every microscope
and to look at you at every hour every minute at all times
to protect one another — and in keeping calm and carrying on
to burn down to the ground and to rise up as smoke
this war isn’t war — but a certain and fiery passion
this love is forever — just as moments pass forever
we hit bottom to get stuck in some new heaven
there is a string that binds us all together
that string between us is a safety fuse
Many children have been confirmed killed and injured by the war in Ukraine.
Two-thirds of Ukraine's children are displaced. Families have been torn apart.
As well as loss of life, the conflict is causing devastating consequences for children's access to essential services.