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Working together with Cindy Vogels, we collaborated as female artists to create a piece that would pay homage to rural women.

Typically the phrase “Women on the Land” refers to rural Women who work the land. As female artists living and working in the country, we have “worked the land” into our creations.

Amica echoed the natural beauty, energy and colours of her rural landscape, one of dry grasses, ghost gums and wild pastures into an abstract painting, a painting that represents the simplicity, and balance of rural living. Together we decided upon the most feminine and powerful of garments to translate the painting into a wearable art piece, representing strength, resilience, femininity and pride.

Cindy positioned the pattern pieces strategically across the painting to capture the perfect palette moments of the ghost gums inspired work. Crafting the painted canvas into a couture quality artistic fashion piece.

Created to pay homage to all of our Queensland ‘Women on the Land’, regardless of their calling or career, and was exhibited within the Gympie Regional Gallery Foyer space in celebration of Gympie Regional Gallery’s 20th Birthday.


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