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Each new collection of paintings I create reflect my desire to capture the beauty, tranquillity and balance informed by the rhythms and energy of the natural world. Alongside nature, this exhibition has been inspired by the writings of Byron Katie. When creating these paintings, a quote by Katie was constantly on my mind, “I am always held. Even in the walking, the earth holds me.”

Since childhood, I have been motivated by the natural landscape and my work often evokes the unbridled forms of the Australian coastline and inland waterways. In a similar style to painter Bassmi Ibrahim’s fluid abstractions and artist Satsuki Shibuya’s intuitive markings on paper, the works in Held encapsulate the unpredictable beauty of colour, form and texture. Within each painting I have isolated abstract shapes with white paint, creating a pure space that weaves like a flowing tributary through the soothing colours of earth and water.

Masking out areas that feel distracting or unnecessary has become one of the most important parts of my creative process. Predominantly white, these spaces are anchoring points in my work and recall the Japanese concept of Ma, meaning interval or space between. In Held, the white spaces in between lend vitality to the coloured forms they frame and contribute to the meditative balance of the painting as a whole. Painting remains a way for me to channel peace, quiet the mind and inspire my soul. It is my hope that this work transfers a similar experience to those who view it.

Exhibition 29 June – 29 July at Art Images Gallery, Adelaide. (08) 8363 0806,


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