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  • Amica

Slow art for the soul workshop

Harnessing the element of space with intent & reverence.

Book Now or call Branch & Blossom on (07)548 23022

This workshop embraces the art of conscious creation and the element of negative space, (the ‘invisible energy’ that gives life to form).

Working with slow intent and gentle reverence to natural elements, you will mindfully create two harmonious compositions, first with flowers and then with paint. You’re invited to slow down, take a meditative breath and explore your unique creativity through art.

You will walk away with:

  1. An ‘Ikebana’ style floral arrangement.

  2. An 60 x 50cm abstract painting.

Workshop includes:

  1. A glass of prosecco & gourmet cheese platter

  2. A gorgeous concrete vessel and dried florals to create your arrangement.

  3. Vintage pruning shears

  4. All art materials. 

Your hosts:

Jan Jones: Drawing on over 15 years experience as a floral designer, Jan (owner of Branch & Blossom) is known for her breathtaking textural floral and botanical designs. Inspired by flowers and natural elements, a language of their own,

Amica Whincop: An acclaimed abstract painter whose work seeks to capture the beauty, tranquillity and balance informed by the rhythms and energy of the natural world. She uses white space to bridge chaos and calm in her work, paring her pieces down to their absolute simplest form, without losing its