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Don’t you just love kids and the way they see things? This observation was made by daughters friend who comes to play often at our house.

I praised her on the fact that no-one else had told me they look like bubbles before, which was pretty cool as I’d like my work have an airy, floating feel to it. I told her I keep painting them, because it I like doing it.“Cool” She said, “Though, maybe you could try triangles next time?”  Ha ha, love it!

It did make me think though, why I choose to anchor my work around organic, circular shapes?   It’s certainly not my intention to go about painting pretty circles or floating rocks, or eggs, or gemstones, blobs or bubbles for that fact! But, it is my intention – in some un-explainable, abstract,  feeble, human, kind of way to create something universal, almost sacred and even divine. These circular shapes do it for me, they suggest the infinite nature of energy,  they have no beginning or end, the eternal whole.…completeness.

But I think if I had told my daughters friend that, her eyes would have glazed over!



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