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“I Feel It All” The Commission Process

This piece was commissioned by a lovely local school teacher who has been following along my work and fallen in love with a painting called “Adrift”. The problem was she couldn’t quite decide if the size and colours would look right in her space. We created some rough digitial mock ups of some pieces, including “Adrift” so she could get an idea of what might work. Then I invited her to take the painting home for the weekend, and live with it, and see how she felt.

Art is best experienced in person. Nothing is the same as the emotional reaction of actually looking at a painting – right in front of you.  A painting in your home is very personal, and after spending some time with the piece in her home – she decided her space needed a slightly larger work, and, seeing as she lived on a property surrounded by giant gumtrees and thick bushland,  she wanted to incorporate the feel of this into her piece. The final work mimics both ocean and forest, clouds and sky. Feeling everything all at once.

I Feel it All, 122 x 122cm


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