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“An organic, spontaneous and chaotic” process results in the creation of tranquil and intuitive abstract art. We think it’s time you met Amica Whincop.”

It takes time to find your calling. Most of us spend at least a few years in the career abyss – scrambling between university degrees, ill-advised “side-hustles” and jobs with bosses we don’t like before the inevitable lightbulb moment comes. Very few know where their passion lies from their youth; some don’t have the luxury of finding out.

Artist Amica Whincop is one of the lucky ones. From an early age, she was creative. Play-Doh was “her thing” and she was particularly attached to her crayons. In school Amica found herself drawn to art, and went on to study visual arts and education at the Queensland University of Technology. Then she dabbled. Alongside her work as a visual arts teacher, Amica painter for friends and family, worked on a few commissions here and there and did a spot of graphic design.

Two-and-a-half years ago, Amica took the plunge and became an artist full-time. “I began by creating a body of work I was proud of and that felt authentic to me.” Amica recalls” for six months I dedicated myself to experimenting and studying my unique art practice. When I was satisfied I began entering competitions and putting myself out there to do exhibitions.”

Fast forward two years and Amica has been featured on popular television series ‘Grand Designs Australia and the Block, and her waiting list for commissions is eye-wateringly long. “It’s all a bit exciting,” she says.

Amica’s meteoric rise is not without good reason – her abstract paintings are mesmerising, evocative and exceptionally minimalist. “I like to keep it simple,” she explains. “I’m a fan of eliminating the non-essential both in art and in my life, and this is a constant work in progress,” she reveals.

Amica is a master in saying so much, without overtly saying anything at all. On the surface, her works are simple and tranquil, but on closer inspection, an unexpected passion and energy emerge. All her works follow the same tune – undulating stone-like forms- float gently around each canvas while beneath sits a concealed, intuitive painting, rich in fluid patterns, natural textures and colour. In this way, Amicas works are inspired by nature and its capacity to be both fragile and strong at the same time. This could explain why Amica’s works are so popular. In a society more disconnected to nature than ever before, they hit a nerve – gently, but even so.

The effect of her work isn’t lost on Amica either “Just looking at them makes me feel relaxed and I get the feeling of ‘coming home’ she reflects. “Does that make sense?

In many ways, Amica’s creative approach mirrors her approach to life: both are daring, spontaneous and purpose-driven. Even her choice of material reflects a deeper meaning. “I choose to work with specific water-based materials; watercolour, acrylic paint or ink. They are immediately responsive; it reminds me that life does not allow for ‘do-overs.

Written by, Alice Griffin.


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