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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Briony Downes profiles  “Six Standout artists you need to see at The Other Art Fair Sydney.

 Art Edit Magazine. Summer 2018 Issue.

There is a sense of elemental chemistry in Amica Whincop’s paintings, as layers of paint and ink overlap and the colours react across the surface. Often assuming the appearance of polished river rocks and gemstones. Whincop’s work is influenced by the rhythms of nature, meditation and silence.

“I create large, minimalist-inspired abstract paintings reminiscent of stone-like forms floating in a negative space,” Whincop says. “Each painting is developed through an intuitive process using colour, patterns and form, recalling varied aspects of nature and biology. The resulting textural layers create a hypnotic, contemplative atmosphere.”

Currently living in Gympie near the oceanside locale of Noosa, Whincop works from her home studio in the back garden, where drips of pain cover the floor and time is her own. The forms of nature and biomorphic textures inform Whincop’s distinct style and are positioned against a pale background to create a calming balance between positive and negative space.

“Letting the work form itself, I move the paint around with water, gravity and spray paint layering with pours and washes to imitate natural processes and formations,” she explains. “The fluidity of my materials allows me to be spontaneous, with no plan or obligation other than to notice what is happening with the paint, the canvas, the brush and the moment.”

Whincop’s work has appeared on the Block and Grand Designs Australia and most recently, she has put the finishing touches on Essence, a new collection of paintings debuting at The Other Fari in Sydney. Inspired by a love of the coastal landscape and continuing in her signature styles of colour, form and texture. Essence focus on the places where land meets the sea and where water meets rock; two very different elements coming together.


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