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Beautiful Chaos workshops caters to first-time painters looking for an empowering jump start on their creative path to professional painters seeking a new perspective, and all levels in-between.

This heart-centred and educational retreat offers a vast toolbox of new techniques and a fresh creative perspective guaranteed to energise your life on and off the canvas.

Throughout the class, I demonstrate many of my unique personal painting techniques. The process is broken down into manageable, bite-sized lessons that explore colour layering, composition, value contrast, expressive mark-making, dripping, fluid techniques and materials.

Along the way, I offer invaluable prompts and exercises to support letting go, connecting to intuition, and drawing from a place of authenticity.


with learning experiences designed by an artist for aspiring artists.

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Tracy Mclean

Amica’s Workshop went above and beyond my expectations! She was extremely generous with her time,techniques and patience, making sure she spent all the time need with each of the students. She treated everyone like we were old friends,making us all feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the process.I came away with a heap of new techniques and inspiration to keep on painting!

Patricia Walsh

In just one day Amica has changed my approach to painting. In a fun, relaxed and supportive environment, Amica guides and encourages and is so generous with her knowledge, inspiration and resources. I would thoroughly recommend the Beautiful Chaos Workshops - don’t hesitate, just sign up!

Tracy Barkle

Amica is a fabulous artist and teacher!

I’ve just done a workshop in her new studio, where she so generously shared her knowledge and skills.

I came away with my own abstract piece, resources to continue on with and the confidence to play with the mediums again.

It was such a fun day of learning and painting. I can’t wait for the next one!!


I really loved how welcoming you were. You have a warm, beautiful personality and you make your workshops fun. Thank you for ecouraging me and boosting my confidence- it’s just what I needed.

For the Seekers

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Beautiful Chaos Full Day Painting Retreat



August 27th, House of Artisan. 10 - 4pm BOOK

August 28th, House of Artisan. 10 - 4pm BOOK



September 18, Art Lovers Australia Gallery. 9-3pm


Slow Art For the Soul

Combined abstract painting and floral workshop loosely based on Japanese aesthetic.

Dates coming soon...


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